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Key Fobs

Imagine the potential of a card that people carry with them every single time they leave the house - Introducing the plastic key fob.

Efficient, convenient, and one of the most popular plastic card formats in the UK, key fobs are widely used by companies nationwide, from supermarket chains, health clubs and night clubs to insurance companies and solicitors.


Your brand in your customers’ hands every day

These miniature plastic cards can be personalised by name, number or a barcode to work alongside any access control systems that you have in place. They’re also a great way of promoting loyalty, allowing your customers to always have your contact details at hand.


A highly effective marketing tool

Our most popular and cost effective option is our standard key fob size of 54mm x 29mm. These are supplied in handy strips of three, which easily snap into individual plastic fobs, making it easy and cost effective to use as a marketing tool for any new idea or venture. Extra personalisation can be added through our purpose built designer to include details such as names, employer numbers, and barcodes can be individually printed to offer more security. 

We can also offer a range of materials for your customised key fobs, including standard plastic PVC, our eco friendly plastic or anti-microbial finishing.

With no minimum order quantity and the capacity to produce branded key fobs quickly and uniquely personalised to you delivered in a matter of days.


Ready to Order?

We’ve got a ready made template which you can personalise to your design and order within minutes.

Start creating your key fobs now.

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Card Finish
Additional Options
Metallic Base
Metallic Base
Choose a metallic coated base for the card instead of standard white. Please be aware when including images that they will look different when printed on metallics.
Our anti-microbial card is tested and proven to be 99.94% resistant to a number of deadly bacteria.